Who Had the Most Followers on Instagram?


In early March of 2016, Taylor Swift had the most followers on Instagram. However, by the middle of March 2016, Selena Gomez, who is yet another product of the Disney star system, eclipsed Taylor by gathering a whopping 69.4 million followers! Today, Selena is still the queen of Instagram. Naturally, Taylor is popular there, too, despite a spate of recent controversies, including a feud with Kim Kardashian and her hubby, rapper Kanye West, as well as a short-lived but too-public romance with British actor, Tom Hiddleston.


Right now, Selena Gomez has 124 million followers on Instagram. Taylor Swift has 103 million followers at the same popular, photo-sharing social media platform.


Everyone's into Instagram these days, and Instagram likes are a big deal. But why are they so into Selena? Well, she's gorgeous. She's a pop singer with a big (if rather young) following. However, this really isn't enough to explain her incredible popularity at Instagram. Plenty of musical artists are attractive, with tunes that people love. So, why is she the most popular one?


To help answer this question, Selena talked to a Vogue reporter about her popularity at Instagram. She believes that her honesty and authenticity are the keys to her huge following at the photo-sharing website. Selena is very open and expressive and she's shared a lot of information with the public via Instagram and other channels. For example, she's made her battle with the autoimmune disease, Lupus, a public matter, in order to raise awareness and share her real-life problems with fans, who have plenty of real-life problems of their own.


As well, Selena's struggles with self-esteem and her love/hate relationship with Justin Bieber, who was rumored to have played around with her, are things that she's shared with her fans. Selena has acknowledged that she's probably overshared on Instagram and elsewhere on many occasions. However, she thinks that her willingness to be real is what drives her Instagram popularity...and we are inclined to agree. Other people who want a taste of Instagram popularity should consider Selena's approach, as it's likely to work for them, too. She gives people a look into her real life (good and bad). They may aspire to be her and also relate to her emotions. 


When it comes to who had the most followers on Instagram, Selena was and is the leader. Anyone who wants followers on Instagram has to offer people something that they want, from beauty to talent to wit and beyond. The most popular people and companies on Instagram tend to offer a combination of appealing things to followers. They know what the public wants and they know how to deliver it.


Who Else Had the Most Followers on Instagram?

Who Else Had the Most Followers on Instagram?

Selena isn't the only super-popular person at Instagram. Another example of a celeb (a guy, this time) who has the most followers on Instagram is Justin Bieber. As of this writing, he had 91.5 million followers and he's likely to have even more by the end of the day. Justin follows only 70 people on the platform.


It certainly seems like pop stars are a dominant force at Instagram. However, it's actually a great promotional tool for people from all walks of life, as well as for companies. In terms of companies who had the most followers on Instagram (these companies are likely to remain Instagram contenders in the future), National Geographic and Nike hold the number one and number two spots. In the third position is Victoria's Secret. Big European football teams also rank highly at Instagram and the most popular teams are FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.


Companies who had the most followers on Instagram are typically committed to marketing at the highest level. National Geographic is a bit different and it's quite interesting that this company is in the top spot. National Geographic is all about pointing a lens at our world, from every possible angle. However, the number two example of who had the most followers on Instagram (Nike) is all about slick marketing which involves endorsements from the world's hottest and most beloved sports figures. National Geographic and Nike are poles apart, but both give followers something special.


In terms of the number three example of who had the most followers on Instagram, Victoria's Secret also provides something to men and women alike. It elevates its mass-produced lingerie and clothing designs by putting them on gorgeous young models who epitomize the modern standard of beauty. Some women want to be like these "angels" and many men want to admire them. So, Victoria's Secret attracts followers for different reasons.


Do You Want More Instagram Followers?

Do You Want More Instagram Followers?

If you want more Instagram followers, you'll need to learn how to give the public what they want. Sometimes, it's wise to give an Instagram profile a jump-start by buying Instagram followers, as doing so sends a message of success.


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