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State of Buying Real Instagram Followers and FAQs

Instagram is literally the hottest social media platform in 2017, and it seems like it will continue to rise in popularity even through to 2018. It’s far exceeding the growth rate of Snapchat and outstrips Facebook in terms of engagement. 

Even social media icons like Gary Vaynerchuk and Selena Gomez are doubling down on Instagram and not only posting images, but really focusing on Instagram stories and maximising how much engagement he can get from every single audience member.

Why Do People Post On Instagram? And Why Should I Grow My Account?

People want to build their Instagram accounts for many reasons. The main ones usually tie to personal brand or business. We all know the world is moving to a digitally connected economy where social media is now more powerful than most forms of marketing.

So, it makes sense that the more followers you have on Instagram, the more revenue you’ll be earning.

In terms of businesses growing their Instagram presence, they can easily promote their content and their products.

The main focus is moving towards personal brands, where people literally can travel the world now just by sharing where they’re staying and the companies that are allowing them to use their stuff.

People like Kylie Jenner can easily earn $20,000+ just by posting a single Instagram post.

By focusing on growing your Instagram account, you can start to do the same thing, get free merchandise from sponsors, engage with your community, and ultimately make the world a better and more connect place.

But Does Buying Real Instagram Followers And Likes Still Work?

The short answer, yes. We’re not saying it will forever, but it definitely works for now, and as far as we can tell, it will still be working a year from now.

But how can we be so sure? 
By following the same patterns as Twitter and Facebook. Buying followers and likes for those social media platforms used to work (and with Twitter, it still kind of does).

You have to take into account, how a social media company gets valued - through engagement. The more followers, and active accounts a social media company has, the more it will be valued.

Twitter allowed fake accounts for years before doing a big sweep a few years ago which nearly dropped the amount of users by half! That’s crazy.

Nearly half of Twitter accounts were fakes, and Twitter knew it, but it didn’t want to ban those accounts until they maximised their valuation.

Instagram is playing the same game. In a few years tops, it’s 100% likely that they will do a big sweep of their Instagram accounts, but this doesn’t mean that you’re losing your value.

If They Are Going To Remove Accounts, Why Should I Buy Them?

Well first of all, our followers are amazing. But in general, genuine and fake accounts both give you one huge advantage, social proof.

If you are a hip hop artist and you’re trying to promote your songs to a record label, chances are they are going to see how popular you are. If you walk in there with 50 followers in Instagram, no matter how amazing your songs are, you have a very low chance of being picked up. Same for businesses, or personal brands. 

The more social media followers you have, the more social proof you have, and therefore the more business you will be able to do. 

The same goes for genuine followers. If you see someone with 20,000 followers, you’re much more likely to follow them, then if you see someone with 15 followers. Again, because of social proof. So even if you buy 1,000 followers, you’re still getting a huge upside on the genuine growth.

Best part? Our followers are as real as they get.

What Are New Methods Of Generating More Followers Apart From Buying Them?

Likes and mentions have recently risen to popularity. Instagram is constantly changing their algorithm.

This means every time you scroll through the newsfeed, they will be tweaking which people you see based on who you’re looking at the most and which users you’re engaging with. 

The latest way that Instagram is pushing accounts to more people is similar to Facebook. The more engagement a post has, generally the more people will see it.

This is why buying likes and mentions is so important. If you have 100,000 followers but are only getting 2,000 likes per post (which many accounts do), it tells Instagram that your audience isn’t very engaged with your content. 

So the higher like to follower count you have, the better your changes of genuine Instagram growth and more followers. Aim for 15% engagement.

This is higher than the current Instagram standard, which will mean that you’ll be the ones that new followers see, not your competition.

The only other way to grow Instagram accounts genuinely is through automation or spending an hour a day doing the following tasks.

Searching a specific hashtag that relates to your industry, so if you’re in the fitness industry it could be #gym #fitness #health. Then you will like the photos of the people that show up and follow them.

This pings their account  and sends them a notification which gives you a really good chance of having them look at your profile.

If you’re sharing great content, and they like what they see, they will follow you back. 

The only downside to this approach is your newsfeed tends to become a little convoluted. Then, once a week, you will go back through your followers and unfollow all the accounts that didn’t follow you. Rinse and repeat!