Instagram Followers Boost

Instagram has transformed from a mostly photo sharing social media platform to one of the most influential marketing tools ever produced, and smart and savvy entrepreneurs, advertisers, and business owners are taking advantage of all the leverage that Instagram has to offer today – and you should be, too!


Engagement rates on Instagram are through the roof, and with more than 350 million active monthly members sharing 60 million images and 1.6 billion (BILLION) likes and comments happening every single day it should be immediately obvious why it is so advantageous to have a major presence on Instagram right now.


At the same time, it’s pretty likely that the overwhelming majority of your competitors will have already set up shop on Instagram – and many of them likely have pretty active Instagram accounts with plenty of followers that you would love to have following you.


With this head start, they have a distinct advantage over you, unless of course, you figure out how to take advantage of an Instagram followers boost.


That’s where this quick guide comes into play.


Start creating AMAZING content to post

Start creating AMAZING content to post

The most important thing you can do when you’re looking to get in Instagram followers boost is to stop posting junk and instead start posting the kind of content that your followers are desperate for, the kinds of content posts that people go crazy over, and the kinds of content that has real potential to go viral.


Instagram is the most visual of all the social media networks out there today and you really have a unique opportunity to capitalize on that. Make sure that all of your posts are top-notch, interesting, and engaging and then make sure that you actively encourage engagement with your account and the content that you put up.


Make sure your bio is always filled out

Make sure your bio is always filled out

Your bio section in Instagram is going to be a powerful tool to get people from your Instagram account to your sales page, your websites, or other web properties that you want to push traffic to and you have to be sure that you are really capitalizing on this space.


Too many otherwise smart and savvy Instagram marketers waste the space completely, never really trying to find ways to maximize the traffic that they generate on Instagram through links included in the Instagram bio space.


To get an Instagram followers boost immediately make some changes to your bio that push them deeper and deeper into your sales funnel. This single shift has the potential to push way more targeted traffic to your “money pages” than most people realize.


 Engage with other influencers in your market

Engage with other influencers in your market

One of the smartest strategies you can leverage when you’re looking to get in Instagram followers and Instagram likes boost is to “hijack” the popularity of competitors, influencers, and celebrities in your market and have some of that popularity rub off on you.


If you are seen to engage with other influencers in your market – and especially if they begin to engage with you back – you are going to be able to catapult your social proof, your influence, and your celebrity on Instagram faster than pretty much anything else you could do.


Nobody wants to hang out with someone that they perceive to be a nobody, which is why engaging with other influencers in your market is so advantageous. Most people will assume that you are on the same level with these influencers if you are engaged in a back and forth with them, and it provides you with a unique opportunity to grab a tremendous amount of followers every time it happens.


Tell stories with your content

Tell stories with your content

A lot of people spend time on social media to escape the realities of their day to day lives come in the last thing that they want to do is be brought down by someone that is almost too relatable to them.


If you’re going to try and position yourself as an expert or as a celebrity your niche or market you have to really try and “live the part” on Instagram. Post aspirational content on social media, post content that lifts people up, post content that is easy and fun to share, and most of all post content that is going to elevate you, your status, and your position in the market rather than bring you down.


This is a powerful tool to help you get an Instagram followers boost, and it’s one that some of the most influential people on Instagram utilize every single day to get more and more followers, more and more engagement, and more influence over their market or their niche.


At the end of the day, all of these tactics combined are going to give you a tremendous opportunity to really improve your odds of success on Instagram today. Use these boosts to build your influence on Instagram and you’ll be one of the “Insta Famous” in no time at all!


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