Instagram automation

Instagram is easily one of the most influential social media networks out there today, and regardless of whether or not you’re looking to build your business or just become a powerful social media influencer, you need to make the most of everything that this platform has to offer.


For starters, you’ll need to understand the audience that you’re trying to reach and then create the kind of account – and content – these kinds of people are looking for most. Secondly, you’ll need to make sure that you post on a regular and consistent basis so that your followers become familiar with you. Finally, you have to build an active and engaging follower base of thousands – if not millions – so that you can achieve the kind of goals that you have established for yourself.


If that looks like a lot of heavy lifting on your end, you’d be right – but that’s exactly why so many people today take advantage of Instagram automation tools that do the bulk of the heavy lifting for you!

 What exactly is Instagram automation?


What exactly is Instagram automation?


As a general rule, Instagram automation is basically taking advantage of any tool or technology that automates a lot of the manual tasks that you would have otherwise had to take care of all on your own. The kinds of tasks that take up a lot of time without producing all that much of a significant benefit to you.


We’re talking about Instagram automation tools that automatically accept friend and follower requests, Instagram automation tools that automatically send out Direct Messages to targeted members of your follower base, Instagram automation tools that leverage trending hashtags, and other tools that are designed to speed up and create a more efficient workflow for you on the Instagram platform.


Now, it’s important that we make a critical distinction between Instagram automation solutions that make the general “housekeeping” of your account a lot more efficient to manage and the automation tools out there designed to subvert or get around the rules that the people behind Instagram have put into place.


The first kinds of Instagram tools are going to make your life a lot easier. The second kind of Instagram tools is going to make your life a living nightmare on this social media platform.

 Automate acceptance of your follower requests


Automate acceptance of your follower requests


The name of the game on Instagram (and any other major social media network, for that matter) is to get just as followers as humanly possible and then find ways to get those followers to engage with your content, to share your content, and to influence others for you as easily and as effortlessly as you can.


By creating an Instagram account worth following you’re going to have dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people wanting to follow you on this social media network. Clicking “ACCEPT” on each and every one of these requests might not be all that hard when you are just starting out. But once you get established and start to get flooded with these kinds of requests you find it eats up a lot of time, a valuable time you could have spent otherwise improving your Instagram likes account.


You’ll definitely want to use Instagram automation tools to help streamline this process as much as you are able to.

 Automate Instagram marketing of your posts


Automate Instagram marketing of your posts


Secondly, you’ll want to make sure that you use Instagram automation to handle a lot of the heavy lifting as far as the internal marketing of your posts on Instagram is concerned.


Automation tools can be used to discover new hashtags that are starting to get a lot of activity, giving you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor (so to speak) of tags that will start to trend before the trend is in full swing. This can really catapult your reach, your influence, and your ability to reach new followers faster than ever before.


You’ll also want to use Instagram automation to send messages out to some of your more active followers, encouraging them to engage with you, your content, and your account as often as they have the opportunity to. This kind of targeted direct messaging can prove to be a game changer when you’re talking about establishing a real network of your followers.


Finally, you can even use some Instagram followers automation tools to actually cultivate new followers for you – though this remains a little bit of a gray area of sorts.


You don’t want to run afoul of any rules that Instagram has in place that would jeopardize your account (especially if you’ve been able to gain influence or if it is attached to your business identity), but you don’t want to lose any ground to competitors that may not be quite as gun shy about using these kinds of tools in an effort to crush the rest of the competition.


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