Find Out Who Has the Most Followers on Instagram


Selena Gomez has the most followers on Instagram. She's a sensation at this popular social media interface, which allows users to share photos with captions...and also interact with other Instagram users! Selena has 124 million followers and counting. Selena's popularity is likely due to a combination of factors, such as her good looks, her youthful fans (who love her pop music), her contracts with beauty and fashion brands (including Pantene and Coach) and her high-profile friendships and relationships.


For example, she's good buddies with Taylor Swift, who used to have the most followers on Instagram, before Selena pulled ahead, and she had a much-publicized romance (and breakup) with another pop icon, Justin Bieber. These days, Selena dates the Weeknd, whose music is always on the charts.


Now that we've answered the questions, "Who has the most followers on Instagram?", you may be wondering who else really reigns on this social media platform. The most popular users are a mixture of personalities and companies.


For example, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are also incredibly popular, even though their follower numbers are lower than Selena's. As well, some companies, such as National Geographic, Nike and Victoria's Secret, have incredible numbers of followers.


Have we forgotten the Kardashian and Jenner family members? Well, they're on Instagram, too, and they get plenty of exposure and fanfare on the platform. It seems like anyone who has the most followers on Instagram presents a lifestyle that is very appealing to a lot of Americans, as well as loads of other people from different countries.


For example, Kim Kardashian, who seems to spend a lot of her time taking selfies, trying on new clothes and getting dolled up by her glam squad, is someone who has the most followers on Instagram, without actually recording albums filled with pop songs! She probably represents the "easy life" to many people who follow her. They wish that they could spend their day's shopping, caring for their faces and bodies and socializing with celebrities, the way that she does. Kim is a Mom and businesswoman, but she's best known for living a glamorous life.


Instagram Influencers Get Big Perks

Instagram Influencers Get Big Perks

When it comes to who has the most followers on Instagram, it's usually about popularity in the "real world" which then transmits to Instagram. However, someone who has many followers on Instagram (although not as many followers are Selena, Justin, Taylor, Kim, Kylie and Kendall) may not even be famous in the real world. The type of person who has great follower numbers, but isn't a household name, is known as an Instagram influencer.


These Instagram influencers put their lives on display and often provoke followers to buy the things that they wear, or to go the places that they go! Quite often, companies reward Instagram influencers by giving them free swag, free travel, free tickets to events and even cold, hard cash. Anyone who is determined may become an influencer. In the end, it's about giving the public what they want!


If you want this type of popularity and the perks that come with it, you may want to be sure that your Instagram profile is the best that it can be. This means superb photos, compelling captions and lots of followers. If you don't have the types of follower numbers which will earn you perks as an influencer, you should seriously consider buying Instagram followers. Lots of people do this, although they don't post about it online. They do it to create profiles which appear popular.


Once they have better follower numbers, they look more successful to the outside world and this leads to more organic, non-paid followers. It's even rumored that some super-famous celebrities, politicians, and companies purchase Instagram followers. They do it because they want to be the most popular in their niches. It's actually a smart business strategy and those who succeed at Instagram make tons of money just by posting photos and captions there. You can do it, too.


Buying followers are the quickest way to jump-start success at this fun photo-sharing website. It's a marketing initiative that works well for everyone. When you choose a reputable company and buy Instagram followers from that company, you'll be able to get the followers that you need without putting your Instagram profile and reputation at risk. It's a smart, safe way to boost popularity fast.


What Does the Public Want?

What Does the Public Want?

Different Instagram followers deliver different things to the public. For example, celebs like Selena offer a potent cocktail of fashion, glamour, music, parties and confessional captions. Companies offer information about products that the public wants to buy. Other personalities, such as pro athletes, give users a glimpse into their personal lives, fitness routines, and team routines. Self-help gurus offer inspiration to others via Instagram likes.


At this platform, anything is possible. So, why not buy Instagram followers today?


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