Fake Instagram Followers

The Trouble with Fake Instagram Followers

The Trouble with Fake Instagram Followers

If you are serious about building your business online today, you absolutely MUST take advantage of everything that Instagram has to offer.


One of the most frequently visited social media platforms out there right now, Instagram has more than 350 million users logging in every single month, posting 60 million pictures to the platform every day, and liking or commenting on 1.6 billion images, videos, or posts every 24 hours.


Smart and savvy marketers can really capitalize on all the leverage that Instagram has to offer, but some people have really started to take some pretty substantial risks when it comes to building up their Instagram following by adding as many fake Instagram followers as they can as quickly as they can.


This can cause some huge damage to a brand and has even put some businesses out of operation completely!


If you’re on the fence about buying fake Instagram followers and want to know whether or not it is a savvy move to make or a smart road to go down, hopefully we are able to shine a little bit of light on the subject for you so that you know exactly what you might be getting into.


Right out of the gate, you put your money at risk

Right out of the gate, you put your money at risk

Understand this straightaway – purchasing phony Instagram followers is 100% against the TOS that every user agrees to when they create an Instagram account, and it’s something that you agree you won’t do under any circumstances just by having an Instagram account up and running.


Should you choose to buy fake Instagram you run the risk of that company that your followers from simply not delivering any of them to while taking payment for this service and then stealing your personal and payment information.


After all, you have no real recourse. You can’t run to Instagram and tell them that you tried to buy Instagram followers.


Fake Instagram followers only inflate your follower count

Fake Instagram followers only inflate your follower count

When you buy Instagram followers from a service online, the odds are pretty good that you’re going to be getting followers added to your account that is 100% fake (often times called bot) and even if they end up sticking to your account – which many of them don’t – they aren’t going to do anything but add to your follower counts, never really providing you with any real utility after that.


Sure, if you’re looking to become Instagram famous with lots of Instagram likes, you might want to go down this road and get anywhere up to a million people or more “fake following” your account just to have that feather in your, but you know – and so will anyone else that scans your account for fake followers – that they aren’t really in the entire façade is built on a foundation of fantasy.


Secondly, if you’re building a business and are looking to add followers to your account so that you can make money on Instagram there’s absolutely zero points in having a bunch of robots that don’t have money following the activities that you post on your Instagram in the first place.


You run the risk of getting banned from Instagram completely

You run the risk of getting banned from Instagram completely

This is a bit of a nuclear option for Instagram but is definitely a direction they have gone in in the past and you’ll want to be aware of the fact that you might run this risk as well.


Instagram regularly runs audits on accounts that have a tremendous amount of followers in a hurry and almost out of nowhere and if they discover that you have purchased these phony Instagram followers they may decide to ban your account – and block your IP address from being able to create any new accounts – going forward.


Again, Instagram doesn’t always implement this kind of significant punishment but they have thousands of times in the past and likely will thousands of times going forward when they feel that the rules they have established are being flouted.


If you’re depending on Instagram to help you build your business (and as the most active of all the social media accounts, you definitely will be), you cannot afford to have your account banned completely. Not only will you not be able to rebound on the social media work, but you also lose a tremendous amount of credibility from those that were actually following the and discovered that you were trying to artificially inflate your presence on the platform.


Your reputation is absolutely everything business today it is becoming easier than ever before for people to learn about mistakes, missteps, and underhanded deals that businesses take part in these days. If you don’t want anyone following you to learn that you have purchased phony or fake Instagram followers, the best course of action is not to get your hands on those phony followers in the first place!


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