What is an Instagram bot?

If you are thinking about becoming a real powerhouse on Instagram, either to build your business or to create the kind of social media influence you need to become “Instagram famous”, the odds are pretty good you’re going to consider using Instagram bot technology to help you achieve your goals.


Today hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people on Instagram are using bot technology to really streamline and automate a lot of the difficult and boring tasks of Instagram account management and marketing. Some of the best Instagram bots out there are worth their weight in gold, whereas others are going to ruin your reputation and possibly even get you banned from Instagram altogether.


If you are thinking about going in this direction you’ll need to know exactly what you’re about to do, exactly how to leverage Instagram bot technology, and how to stay away from the automation bots that will put your account and your success in jeopardy.


Take advantage of the information in this quick guide to better understand everything that bot technology has to offer you today!

 What is in Instagram bots, anyway?


What is in Instagram bots, anyway?

There are plenty of different Instagram bots tools out there to take advantage of, but the overwhelming majority of these bots are going to fall into a handful of categories:


  • Automatic follow Instagram bots that search for users in your niche and follow them instantly to grow your account and get new leads
  • Automatically follow back Instagram bots that follow every account that follows you
  • Automatic on following Instagram bots that help you better manage your account without having to manually do the heavy lifting
  • Automatic like Instagram bots that like pictures and content shared by your followers and those that you are following
  • Automatic comments Instagram bots that automatically comment specific phrases on content shared by your followers in those you are following


… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


These crazy little pieces of technology are going to make managing and marketing your Instagram account a lot easier, but you have to make sure that you are using them responsibly or you’re going to find yourself in a world of hot water with the Instagram administrators – if you don’t have your Instagram account banned outright just for using technology that goes against the spirit and the rules of this social media platform in the first place.

 How do I leverage bots without getting in trouble?


How do I leverage bots without getting in trouble?

Now that you have your answer to “what is an Instagram bots” you’ll want to make sure that you take advantage of this technology smartly, strategically, and successfully to get the results you’re looking for without ever putting your account in jeopardy at the same time.


For starters, you’ll only ever want to use a legitimate bot that is going to be provided by sites and services you can actually trust. You don’t want to hook up with any fly-by-night programmers that may be looking to leverage your account details or your credentials for any kind of malicious attack, which happens a lot more frequently than any of us may like to admit.


By working with a legitimate Instagram bot operation you won’t ever have to worry about this problem.


Secondly, you have to use your bots as sparingly and as strategically as possible. It’s a huge problem to simply unleash automated tools like this upon the hundreds of millions of people that visit and use Instagram on a regular basis.


It’ll gum up the servers, draw a lot of unnecessary attention to your account, and (quite frankly) make a lot of your followers really angry and upset with you – followers that might have otherwise been very interested in engaging with your content if they hadn’t been forced into doing so because of your bot technology.


Finally, you’ll want to be sure that you use your bots in conjunction with legitimate efforts to build your Instagram following, to post content, and manual housekeeping tasks that bots help you to automate. You want to create as natural and appearing Instagram account as possible without having to handle all of the heavy liftings on your own, using bots as a helping hand rather than forcing them to do all of the work for you and potentially getting your account shut down because of it.

Are bots worth the effort?


Are bots worth the effort?

Only you are ever going to know whether or not it’s advantageous enough to use bot technology to improve your Instagram account or if you to get better results simply going the old-fashioned route (as old-fashioned and social media marketing can be, anyway) to build your account from the ground up.


Most people really appreciate the helping hand that Instagram bot technology has to offer, especially when they don’t abuse the technology but instead, use it to make life on Instagram likes a lot easier. Be savvy and strategic in how you use these tools and you won’t ever have to worry about your account getting kicked to the curb or wiped off of Instagram altogether.

 So what is an Instagram bot?


So what is an Instagram bot?

A powerful tool that you can use intelligently to take you to the top of Instagram faster than you ever would have thought possible!


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