Top secret celebrity guide to maximizing likes on Instagram

Celebrities are some of the most active on social media today, and it’s easy to see why.

Celebrities are some of the most active on social media today, and it’s easy to see why.

They lead some of the most incredible and picture-perfect lifestyles anyone can imagine, but a big part of their marketing allure is that they are still relatable and that regular folks like you and I can still connect with them.


In the past, people used to set up fan clubs and send them letters, but today – thanks in large part to the power and reach of the internet as well as the effortless connect-ability of social media – most of us choose to reach out to them on Instagram or Twitter in hopes of getting some kind of engagement with them.


On top of that, celebrities can also use their significant influence and their persuasive abilities on Instagram to make more money for themselves – but they have to create an active following that engages with them.


Those that have large following that is active and passionate (think like the Kardashians, for example) are able to make millions of dollars each year by generating Instagram content in partnership with other businesses and brands looking to make a name for themselves – and it all comes down to getting more likes and getting more engagement.


Here are some of the insider secrets that celebrities use to get more likes on Instagram today, the same kinds of insider secrets that you can use to boost your profile on Instagram as well!


Create content that no one else can

Create content that no one else can

Most people identify with their favorite celebrities because something about them and their personality really resonates with who they are, and it’s their personality more than anything else that is most marketable.


If you’re going to be creating a business or a brand that you want to have the same kind of staying power as popular celebrities today this is something that you really have to ingrain in your mind as well.


You have to start thinking of the aspirations that your ideal customer has, the kind of lifestyle that they dream of living, and who they see themselves as – as well as who they want the rest of the world to see them as!


This kind of insight gives you all of the inside information you need to create the kind of content that no one else is ever going to be able to create, no matter how hard they try. You will have a real authenticity that translates to your following immediately, and there may not be a faster way to get likes on Instagram than this.


Have a routine posting schedule

Have a routine posting schedule

Another thing that celebrities do better than anyone else (large part because they have a team helping behind the scenes) is that they post with a frequency that is predictable and consistent.


When you have regular and routine interactions with your Instagram followers and with your market, in general, they are going to become conditioned to look to you at those points in time, and this gives you a tremendous head start against the rest of your competition that’s trying to then “steal your time slot”.


Take the time to create a posting schedule that you are able to stick to it religiously. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid the traditional “dead times” on Instagram – right around Sunday night through Monday – but other than that you will be able to play with your schedule to create a posting frequency that allows you to create high-quality content but have some consistency that your followers can depend on.


This is going to supercharge your results and will also help you to get more likes on Instagram than most other tactics you could try to attempt.


Hit the ground running by seeding your content with likes

Hit the ground running by seeding your content with likes

If you really want to take advantage of insider information and secrets that celebrities are using to boost a number of Instagram likes, they are able to get on a regular basis, you want to do exactly what they do to “seed” their content with likes and make it much more likely that other people will like the content as – and that purchases your likes right from a social media marketing firm.


There are plenty of operations out that will allow you to purchase plenty of likes (as many as you want as long as your budget allows), and you’ll be able to push those likes to specific pieces of content at your discretion. This gives you a significant advantage over the competition that may not be quite as social media savvy, but it also allows you to build up a buzz and some real popularity and influence behind your account that may not have existed otherwise.


It’s a tactic that celebrities have been using for quite a while now to get more likes on Instagram and it’s one that you are going to want to seriously consider as well!


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