Top 10 Most Followed Instagram Accounts November 2017

Let's take a look at some of the most popular Instagram accounts this month, who and what they are and what seems to make their account attract followers.


1.) Instagram

Instagram itself has the most followers. The account description says it is kept up by the website's staff. Posts include often inspiring snippets from randomly chosen Instagram users around the world. Some of the latest include the profile of an expert commando from New Jersey, a partial biography of the author John Green, and a photo of three cute dogs. The highlighted persons, just as a result of the 227 million followers of the page, often gain a notable following after being featured in the posts.

Instagram's Instagram


2.) Selena Gomez

With 129 million followers, singer and actress Selena Gomez comes in second for the most followed Instagram accounts. Her notoriety stems from her lifelong acting career beginning in Barney & Friends, and peaking in her role on the Disney tv show, Wizards of Waverly Place as the lead character, Alex Russo. She is also an executive producer for the hit Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why. Her Instagram appears to be used mostly for promotional purposes and may not actually be used by Selena herself. The 10 most recent posts as of November 10, 2017 are all in relation to her latest single, Wolves.

Selena Gomez Instagram Account


3.) Ariana Grande

With another singer-actress combo coming in the third spot with 115 million followers, Ariana Grande is a self-described "dangerous woman," which is the title of her third studio album. The twenty-three-year-old found some fame on Nickelodeon in 2010 as a star of the show, Victorious. Since then, she has made a name for herself in music, topping the charts in 2013 with her single, "My Way." Her Instagram posts regularly pull in millions of likes each suggesting an active following. Her feed is generally filled with selfies, by herself and with friends, some light promotion, and posts for herself that are generally inspiring to her in some way.

Ariana Grande's IG


4.) Cristiano Ronaldo

Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly depending on your cultural awareness, Cristiano Ronaldo falls in the top 10 with 114 million followers. He is culturally regarded as perhaps the most talented soccer player in the world and debatably one of the most skilled in all history. He signed with Manchester United at the young age of 18 and now plays for Real Madrid and the Portugal National Team. With the majority of his followers being women, his notoriety is also probably aided by his universally accepted looks. His posts often include pictures of him and his son, with one of the latest being a photo of his son surprising his father at soccer practice, sitting together in front of the goal posts, squatting on top of soccer balls. It is demonstrated by the number of likes that followers are often more interested in his personal life and his body than in his professional career.

Instagram of Cristiano Ronaldo


5.) Beyoncé

The woman. The myth. The legend. Beyoncé Knowles is one of the most successful music artists in all history. Her resume speaks for itself and few people in the world have never heard her name. So, it should come as no surprise that she finds herself on this list with 108 million followers. Her feed is quite a bit more artistic than the previous listed top 10'ers. It is unclear and unstated who runs and manages her page, but there quite a variety in content which may be the x factor that maintains her followers' interest. A well-liked post features a silhouette of a naked woman in a beautiful, dark and secluded body of water surrounded by trees and mountains.


6.) Taylor Swift

As one of the leading current pop sensations and a well-known personality in the music arena, Taylor Swift comes in sixth with 104 million followers. Since she left home to move to Nashville to follow her dreams of being a musician, she has hit incredible success, selling over 40 million album copies and finding herself among the best-selling, the most powerful, and the most influential pop stars in history. Her latest posts are words spoken by various journalists discussing her talent from news sources such as Rolling Stone, the Guardian and LA Times. Seemingly self-run, Swift occasionally posts selfies and handwritten notes. She averages about a million or less likes on most posts.


7.) Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is the quintessential socialite and businesswoman with entanglements in singing, acting, modeling, and the like. With 104 million followers, this Kardashian just barely falls under Taylor Swift for the seventh spot on our list. Due to her roles in reality television shows, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the resulting spin-offs, she is said to be the highest earning reality television star as reported in 2015. Self-run, her Instagram is highly engaging with only a touch of personal information. She is often posting photos of different looks and styles that she wears for red carpet events and casually in her daily life. Followers love her fashion sense, her ability to apply makeup, and keeping up with her relationship with Kanye West.



8.) Kylie Jenner

Coming up close behind her big step sister is Kylie with 99.2 million followers. She is described as a model, an entrepreneur, socialite, social media personality and reality tv star. She gained recognition through her self-named cosmetics line and the Kyle & Kendall clothing brand that she devised with Pacsun. Her Instagram posts feature her favorite make up products, provocative selfies with friends, and various modeling shots. Most of her photos seem to emphasize what lip color she is currently wearing. True to self, she often posts shots without as much makeup, inspiring younger women to love themselves.


9.) Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson makes the list due to his personal success in professional wrestling, collegiate level football, and his acting, producing and modeling careers. Listed on Instagram as simply his stage name "TheRock," he maintains a following of about 95.6 million followers. His feed is full of promotion, fun and the little things in life. One post from this past Sunday, featuring a huge plate of pancakes in bed, Dwayne encouraged his followers to treat themselves to a cheat day had an astonishing number of likes, straying far from the norm. According to his feed, he is also currently in the making of a film called Skyscraper and collaborating further with Under Armor to put out a new clothing line of his.


10.) Justin Bieber

In the number 10 spot, we have the pop star that was discovered via his YouTube videos covering popular songs in 2008. Thrust into the limelight from a young age, Justin Bieber seems to have never left it. With 93.3 million followers, averaging 3 million likes per post, Justin Bieber posts a ton of selfies and some shots with friends with heartfelt messages. In a recent post on October 26, Justin posted a shot of him and his friend Josh Mehl. He enthusiastically and humbly thanks him for his friendship and for modeling best how to follow Jesus. Further exemplifying his love for Jesus, the following post screenshots his music media player streaming the song "Closer" by Amanda Cooke, a popular contemporary Christian artist.


Given that the celebrities with the most followers only grow in numbers, it is unlikely that in the future the names that make this list will change much, though it is probable to see some people switch places.


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