How to Build Instagram Followers

Too many people on Instagram fall into the “Field of Dreams” kind of mentality.


They create a brand-new Instagram account, start flooding it with all kinds of top-notch content – really cool pictures, really awesome videos, and some pretty smart and engaging captions and hashtags – and then are absolutely stunned when they don’t have any followers to share with.


They fell into thinking that “if they built it, they would come” when that’s not exactly how things work on Instagram today!


No, you have to be really smart, really savvy, and really strategic about learning how to build Instagram followers of the right way and getting just as many people – the right kind of people, at that – to not only follow your Instagram account but to really engage with as much of your content as possible as well.

 More than 500 million people jump on Instagram every month


More than 500 million people jump on Instagram every month


Over the course of a single month, more than 500 million people are going to jump on Instagram, upload content, or check out the content other people have already shared – and you’ll need to get as many of those people to engage with your content as possible if you’re looking to build a business or create the kind of social media influence you are hoping for.


It’s going to be absolutely impossible – IMPOSSIBLE – to capture the attention of all 500 million people, or even just a fraction of that amount of people without really knowing how to strategically get as many followers as possible and then implementing that plan of action going forward.


Here are some tips and tricks to help you figure out how to build Instagram followers into your account so that you grow with lightning like speed and have the kind of success on social media you were hoping for in the first place.

 Figure out what kind of followers you want in the first place


Figure out what kind of followers you want in the first place


It’s impossible to learn how to build Instagram followers that are perfect for you until you first figure out exactly what those kinds of followers look like, the kinds of content they are interested in, and the kind of social media posts they are going to be most likely to engage with.


If you’re running a business or want to become a social media influencer you need to know the target demographics of your perfect prospect. You need to know what age group your perfect follower falls into, how often they jump on Instagram, the kinds of Instagram accounts they are already following, and the kinds of content that they most frequently share or like on Instagram as well.


Only after you understand all of these basics about your perfect Instagram follower will you then be able to create a plan that shows you exactly how to build Instagram followers without any trouble at all.

 Relevant hashtags are critical


Relevant hashtags are critical


Sure, you need to make sure that as much of your Instagram content you are publishing is specifically geared towards attracting your perfect follower, but at the same time you want to make sure that you are leveraging Instagram hashtags to improve your reach and bring complete and total strangers to your account that never would have made it otherwise.


Instagram posts with hashtags get two times more engagement than those that go without hashtags. By piggybacking on a trending hashtag you will be able to get a lot more exposure to your Instagram likes and content – and your Instagram account, obviously – than you ever would have and you’ll be able to leverage the amazing marketing machine that is Instagram to do the heavy lifting for you.

 Use contests to spread your content


Use contests to spread your content


There has to be a reason for people to interact and engage with your content, especially right off the bat when you are brand-new to Instagram and haven’t yet built up the kind of following you are dreaming about.


And while top-notch content will go a long way towards helping you do exactly that, nothing else people figure out how to build Instagram followers into their account faster than contests and giveaways.


Recent social media marketing reports suggest that it’s possible to add close to 20,000 new Instagram followers and have your content shared nearly 50,000 times (both numbers are averages) just by sending out a single piece of Instagram content advertising a contest or giveaway with hashtags that are relevant to your content and the giveaway itself.


You’d have to be absolutely crazy not to take advantage of all leverage this has to offer. Even if you have to spend $1000 to give something really valuable way – something special that will capture the attention of thousands and thousands of people – the return on your investment will make this expenditure worthwhile right off the bat, giving you the kind of following you need to create the influence you are looking for on Instagram almost overnight.


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