How to get the most likes on your Instagram post?

Every post on Instagram will not generate the same traction. Celebrities with millions of followers don’t always get millions of likes for every post. There are posts that their fans don’t like and many posts go relatively unnoticed. As an active Instagram user, you will need to ask yourself a few fundamental questions. The answers will help you develop a strategy that will get the most likes on your Instagram post.


Why should people care?

This is perhaps the most important question. You have some self-interest when you post something on Instagram. What’s in it for the people, including those who follow you and those who don’t? Celebrities often post images and videos that are essentially promotional. They want to stay in the news, they want to keep their fans posted with what they have been up to and it is more of a public relations exercise. Businesses or entrepreneurs will not be able to capitalize on such a strategy. Fans want to get more of their favorite celebrities because they love them. There is a certain degree of loyalty, awe and emotional association. Such loyalty, awe or emotional connect do not necessarily exist between products or services and people.


When you decide to post something or when you are working on what to post, you must answer why people should care, why they should pay heed to the post or why they should like it. The answer can be something as simple as a promotional offer, giveaway or contest. The answer could also be the uniqueness of the post. The problem with both these versions is that you cannot run a promotion perpetually and you cannot come up with a unique post every time. Hence, you have to focus on the emotional connection with your following. They should feel invested, emotionally or financially. They should learn something from the post or have a joyous takeaway. There must be some kind of a psychological impact. Only then would a picture or video be liked by more people. You will always generate a few likes. There are some users who like almost everything they check and everyone they follow. This is a tiny fraction of the entire database.


When is the right time?

There is always a right time to post a certain picture or video. One aspect of this pertains to when your following is online. With more than eight hundred million active users on Instagram, you can be sure of one fact and that is your posts will get drowned by others sooner than later. If your following doesn’t get to see your post pop up on the top of their feeds, there is an undisputable likelihood that most of your followers will not get to see what you have posted. You can forget about getting the most likes for such a post. Hence, figure out when your following is online and share new posts exactly at that time.


Viewing is the precursor to liking. There are numerous studies available in the public domain that illustrates who is online and when. The millennial generation is online at certain hours, middle-aged professionals are online at a different hour, school and college students will be online at different hours, so would the moms and dads, grandparents and entrepreneurs. You should have a well-defined target audience. Find out when this audience is online and time your posts accordingly. This will exponentially increase the viewership of every post and dramatically increase the likes.


Are you triggering a conversation?

The most liked posts in the history of Instagram or for that matter, Facebook and other social networks are the ones that have triggered a conversation. The conversation could be about anything. It could be something as important as women empowerment, gender equality or safety of children. It could be something as trivial as whether or not the burger emoticon has messed up the order of the patty and cheese. Anything that triggers a conversation and enticed more people will have a chance of going viral. The only thing that is better than getting the most likes on your Instagram post is if it goes viral.


Open-ended posts will trigger a conversation. Surprising facts, amazing revelations, educative or shocking content will trigger conversations. Posts highlighting pressing matters will also have the same effect. Posts that inspire and establish an emotional connection will be effective as well. Any post that seems a run off the mill production, any post that just seems to be one more in a billion, a post that neither inspires nor moves anyone and a post that doesn’t really convey a message that is worth considering will not have any impact on your following. When you consider why people should care, when you should post something and what type of post you should come up with as the three facets of the same strategy, you will succeed at getting the most likes on your Instagram post.


Stay true to who you are!

Finally, always present yourself the way you want to be perceived. Who you are online or how you present yourself on social networks may not be truly who you are in real life. That doesn’t matter as long as there is no conflict in how your online personality is perceived by people. You cannot be a serious social crusader one day and a standup comic trivializing everything the next day. You can be a standup comedian championing a social cause but then that is how you must present yourself from the very first post. Most companies commit this cardinal sin of confused messaging. The lack of uniformity is understandable since companies may have a social media marketing team and every individual cannot be identical in their approach. However, it is the job of the main stakeholder to ensure their online presence, reputation and perception do not undergo any major shift because of what is posted, when and how. Staying true to who you are is also the simplest way to establish a reliable emotional connection with your existing and new following.


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