How to earn money on Instagram


You’ve likely heard stories about people on Instagram that are cashing in big time, some of them making hundreds of thousands of dollars every year just by becoming “Instagram famous”.


Believe it or not, it’s easier than ever before to figure out how to earn money on Instagram – regardless of whether or not you have one follower, 1000 followers, or 100,000 followers or more!


Just take advantage of all the inside information we are able to share with you below and you’ll really be able to hit the ground running. We are going to share some strategies and secrets with you in this quick guide that should help jumpstart your income earning abilities on Instagram almost overnight, giving you the chance to start cashing in big time on Instagram the way that so many others already have.


Let’s dive right in!

 Find your niche


Find your niche

The very first thing you have to do when you’re getting serious about learning how to earn money on Instagram is to determine the kind of market that you want to cater to, the kinds of followers that you want to interact with, and the kind of Instagram account you want to run.


Some folks are going to want to run an “Instagram famous” account, posting travel pics and other lifestyle content that allows them to capture the attention of other companies that will sponsor them later down the line – essentially giving them money for sponsored posts, free products, and even free trips all over the world if they are able to capture the attention of hundreds of thousands or millions of people.


But maybe you want to use Instagram to build your business and your brands. A lot of fashion, skincare, fitness, and luxury product companies and startups have done exactly that, using Instagram as the foundation of their marketing to build the kinds of businesses that are incredibly successful.


If that’s the direction you want to go in you’ll have to take a slightly different approach compared to the Instagram famous route, though many of the steps for building up your account are going to be the same.


Figure out the kind of account you want to run in the niche that you want to operate in and everything becomes a lot easier from there!

 Spy on your competition


Spy on your competition

The second thing you’ll want to do (even before you create your new Instagram account) is to spying on your competition to find out what they are doing right now that works, what they aren’t doing that would work even better, and how they are monetizing their Instagram account at this particular point in time.


If you want to become an Instagram famous world traveler, for example, you’ll want to pay close attention to the kinds of posts that other people leading this lifestyle already put up, the kinds of engagement and interaction they are getting with their followers (especially those that make requests for new trips and new content to be posted), and the approach that they are using as far as monetization is concerned.


This will give you the blueprint for building your own account, really shortcutting the process so you don’t have to do a lot of the heavy lifting all on your own.


The same is true if you’re looking to build a specific business in a market or sector on Instagram. Pay attention to up and coming fashion labels, for example, for the kinds of content they post, contests they run, and Instagram marketing they are using to build their business from the ground up.

 Don’t be afraid of controversy


Don’t be afraid of controversy

The last thing you can afford to do on social media today is blended in and follow the crowd.


There are so many people out there trying to figure out how to earn money on Instagram likes that you’re going to be up against the largest pool of competition in human history, and all of them have the same access to the same tools and technology you do – leveling the playing field for everyone but also making success a lot more challenging to attain.


Controversy is one of the most powerful tools you’ll have in your arsenal to cut through the clutter, to rise above the market noise come into start gaining attention for your Instagram account. Being controversial just to be controversial isn’t going to prove to be all that successful a plan (though it can work if you go all in), but attacking industry norms – or even industry influencers – on social media can also be a great way to start to grab attention for yourself and your account.


There are a couple of different psychological principles behind why this works so well, but at the end of the day, the truth is so few people are going to be willing to withstand attacks that come from being controversial before they get buy-in from their true fans that most folks just won’t do it.


That’s why you will be able to use this tactic to find real success when you’re starting to learn how to earn money on Instagram!


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