How To Become Famous On Instagram And Use It To Your Advantage

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Numbers don't lie, and Instagram has more than 200 million active users sharing 60 million photos monthly and receiving 1.6 billion likes on the daily. Everyone with an Instagram account can claim a piece of that action, but it never is quite easy if you aren't going about it the right way.



Instagram has made some seemingly ordinary people famous, and you can also follow suit if you so desire. Here is a quick and straightforward guide on how to become Instagram famous and use it to your advantage. 


1. Do Not Set Your Profile To Private


Instagram users will not follow a private account unless they know you personally, and even then the follows will not be that many. Allow your potential followers to see they type of content you post by setting your profile to public.


Also, famous people understand that they are putting it all out there. With Instagram portraying only a segment of your life you should share it with the public. However, you have control over what you post and to keep aspects about you private just don't post what you don't want people to know.


2. Link To Your Other Social Profiles


More than likely, most or even all your Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter friends are also on Instagram.  When you link your Instagram account to these social networks and share your Instagram posts, your friends on these social networks will likely follow you on Instagram.


In fact, Instagram makes it easy for you by showing you lists of your friends from other social media platforms that you should follow. If you follow a Facebook friend, they will likely follow you back, and this helps in building your follower base. 


3. Create A Unique Profile 


Your profile is like a magazine's contents page wrapped up with the actual content all under one page. You want to attract the attention of Instagram users who view your profile, compel them to scroll down and have a look at your content, and finally have them follow you. 


Firstly, you need a catchy username that speaks to what your Instagram profile is all about. Next, choose a beautiful profile photo that will draw attention to your bio section.


The bio section gives you an opportunity to summarize what you are all about. The bio link should lead people to your blog/YouTube channel or website. 


4. Create Engaging Content


Now, you should have a theme in mind on what you want your page to be about. Often, people will want to follow niche-specific profiles that focus on something specific. 


Structure your profile as a foodie, fashionista, weight loss, traveler, photographer or anything else that you are passionate about. Your profile can be a cross of things that you are interested about, but structure it as a profile that other Instagram users who share similar interests would like to follow. 


When speaking about content creation, you will have to shape up your photography and photo editing skills as well. People like looking at pictures, but they love to look at great photos more. You don't have to be the next great photographer out there, but coming up with well-composed photos and videos is an important aspect on how to become famous on Instagram. 

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5. Follow For Follow


The Instagram followers won't come toppling over to follow you, and you will have to grow your fan base by following a couple of people first. 


As explained, you can start with your friends from other social networks who have Instagram accounts. Also, follow accounts that are of interest to you and those that have a niche/theme similar to yours. 


Don't just follow but also engage on the posts of the people you choose to follow. Like and comment on a couple of their posts, and they will likely have a look at your profile and follow you back.  Don't go spamming celebrity profiles asking people to follow your Instagram profile, instead be creative about it by posting well thought out and meaningful comments. 


Make use of Instagram follower apps to help you grow your fan base as well as. However, Instagram picks up on Instagram followers who follow a massive number of people only to unfollow them again, and you should be careful about it.


6. Post Constantly


Once you start getting the follower numbers you want, you need to retain them by keeping them constantly engaged. Post regularly and make sure that your posts stand out. 


With time, reach out to local brands that tie in to what your profile is about and ask to work with them. You will be surprised at how open most businesses are to working with social media influencers. It might just get you some easy bucks on the side.  


There you go, a quick and straightforward way on how to become famous on Instagram. It will take time and before you get to the level of getting paid for everything you post on Instagram work on building and creating your profile. 


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