7 Tips To Increase Genuine & Real Followers On Instagram

how to increase instagram followers

If you thought that Instagram is all about showing off fun pics and videos, think again. The app has quickly gone through an evolution, and it is now one of the strongest and most effective content marketing, audience building, and networking tools.

Are you a brand looking for social media visibility or an individual who just wants to become Insta-famous, it is entirely possible if you play your cards right.

The burning question is how to increase followers on Instagram to simultaneously market and build your brand. Here are a few ways you can organically gain real Instagram followers.



Brand Your Insta Profile

Who are you and what are you offering? Your profile should answer these questions without anyone having to ask. Use your logos or even come up with Instagram optimized ones to serve this purpose.

Your Instagram Username is also another important aspect of branding. While it may not be practical to use your full business name as your username, pick a recognizable one that embodies your brand.  Make sure to include the full business name on the "Name" field under the "Options" section.

cross promote your account

Cross Promote Your Account

Hashtags are big on Instagram, but they can even get you more attention when you cross promote you using those hashtags on your other social profiles.

Don't skimp on using those hashtags and include them in email blasts and on your website as well.



Go Wild With The #Hashtags

You are going to use them anyway to market your products/services, so you might as well go wild with the hashtags. Be creative, funny, outrageous or ironic with them.

The whole point of using hashtags is to make your content much more accessible to both your followers and potential followers. Keep tabs on the trending hashtags that are relevant to your brand. Also, join in on hashtag conversations to get your brand out there.



Use Your IG Bio

Naturally, your bio offers an opportunity to tell potential and return clients about your product/services in a summarized form. However, the bio-element that you need to pay attention to is the bio link.

Use your Instagram bio link as a means to drive traffic to your website, blog, or YouTube channel. Remind your followers with your latest posts to click on the bio link to access what you are marketing.

caption your ig wisely


Caption Wisely

The captions that accompany your Instagram photos or videos are an equally important marketing tool. Don't just go for a one-liner followed by a series of hashtags but instead tell a story.

Creatively use captions geared at generating engagement and getting people to share your post. Aim at going viral, and it is entirely possible with the right combination of great photos/videos, the right hashtags, and a compelling caption.



Interact With Top Influencers

Some Instagram influencers can help you drive your brand to where you want it. Interact with them, and you would be surprised that they are willing to give you a shout out if your products/services stand out.

Work on becoming the go-to brand in your niche market and work with top influencers to position yourself similarly on Instagram.



Make Use Of The Ever-Changing Instagram Tools

Instagram continually adds new engagement tools which you should use as additional marketing efforts. For instance, archive photos and videos from your profile particularly if they contain outdated promotions or sales.

Firstly, make use of the Instagram business profile option. It offers a powerful insight into how your posts are doing, and this translates to marketing effectiveness. Take advantage of the Instagram post promotion offers to boost Instagram posts and, in turn, marketing efforts strategically.

Use Instagram stories to share daily posts with your followers without having to crowd your profile up with all those posts. Also, put some thought into your posts and make them witty, engaging, and captivating.

ig tools


Create A Unique Posting Style

There are some different ways to post your photos and videos to create a unique profile model. You want your profile to have the "wow" factor, and it all starts with how you choose to display your posts.

It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, maybe post a video after every two photos or go with a stylistic posting method that makes you stand out. Also, brush up on your photography and editing skills to come up with eye-catching posts. You can always work with a professional to help you come up with outstanding photos and videos.


There you have it, with this guide on how to increase followers on Instagram there is no reason why you shouldn't see your followers count go up. Remember that it isn't an overnight process and it will take effort as well as time. The sure thing is that with these tips on how to increase followers on Instagram, you are guaranteed real and organically built Instagram followers.


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