13 tips for more follower on Instagram

Why would you want to grow new Instagram followers?

Why would you want to grow new Instagram followers?

When you are just getting started on Instagram, it can be difficult to post pictures and only get responses from people that you know in real life when other people you know are getting reactions from all over the world. You don't want to go out and beg people to follow you, but there has to be some practical way to put yourself out there and pick up new followers. Here are 13 great ways to make those connections.


1. Find the best hashtags for your pictures.

One of the biggest changes in the way of social media is the use of hashtags or just tags. These are marks that can be used to search a wide variety of images on Instagram and help people to find your content. When you have the best and most popular hashtags on your images, you will find more people finding you.


2. Get out there and start liking other pictures.

When you post pictures on your Instagram, take a moment to look at some of the hashtags that you have used for your picture. Take a little time to look over some of the various images that pop up in that hashtag search. Find several pictures that you like and like and comment on them. This will let that user know that you exist and they might take some time to look at your content as well.


3. Do cross promotions with various forms of social media

If you're looking to increase your follower count on Instagram, the best option is to start using your other forms of social media to promote your Instagram account. Put up a post on Tumblr or Facebook letting people know that you have some exciting new content that they just have to check out.

4. Pick the best times to post your content

When you are posting, you want to make sure that you are picking the best times to put up your content. 2 am and 5 pm have been consistent times where your content can receive the most attention and garner you some extra likes and follows.


best content

5. Only post your best content

Hopefully, you aren't just taking a picture and posting it on your Instagram account. Instead, you want to make sure that you are taking dozens of pictures and then searching through all of them for the best one or two that you can put up on your account. This will provide your Instagram followers a reason to keep track of what you are doing on your account.


6. Update your profile

If your profile is incomplete or outdated, then this is going to negatively impact how others perceive your content and that may cause them to be less interested in following you. Check your profile and make sure it is up to date and that the overall look of your page is appealing to visitors.


7. Put up your pictures on Sunday

Sundays are a slower day for Instagram so that will make it easier for other users to see your content if you post it on Sunday. The same is also true for Wednesdays in case you wanted another option.


8. Have a consistent plan

What kind of content do you want to post on Instagram? If you mostly post pictures of food and then suddenly shift over to pictures of flowers, you will confuse your audience. Sure you can have some variety, but stay true to your plan as much as you can.


Check out your suggested users

9. Check out your suggested users

I'm sure that you have seen that list of suggested users that pop up when you scroll through your feed. Take time to look over these users and see if they are someone you like. If so, give them a follow so they know you are out there.


10. Follow all of your Facebook friends.

Following your Facebook friends on Instagram is quick and easy and will give you a strong return on that investment of time.


11. Create your own hashtag and invite others to use it.

Look at your content and pick out a hashtag that refers to you and what you do. If others are using it, then this can lead people to find your Instagram account and lead to new followers and Instagram likes.


12. Tell a story with your posts

A picture may tell a thousand words, but why not add some words to your image to help people understand just what that story is that you are trying to tell.


Be a genuine person

13. Be a genuine person

When you are looking for followers on Instagram, you want to be honest about who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. Make sure that you present a true idea of who you are.


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